All Product and No Process – Notes (Photo in Blood Red)

All Product and No Process – Notes (Photo in Blood Red)

A process of joy, love, spirituality: If the outcome is negative, there are still positives.

Everything seems to be 'product' these days, not the 'process' to make the product. For example, creative developers seem to go through hell just to make a ‘Triple-A videogame’/Hollywood movie that will be forgotten about in a month. So much time, effort, human life energy into something so ‘throw away’.

How much time and energy was put into the movie ‘Battleship’? Remember that movie? It is OK if you don’t. It came and went.

The companies are pumping out too much, at a large scale, and the audience is demanding too much: It is very common to hear kids bitch and moan about the latest ‘thing’ online.

Why can’t a kid be happy with a ball and ‘jump rope’?
“Hey you! 12 year old! Shut up and be happy with this spectrum game because my friend made it and put some time and love into it!”

Old retro Spectrum / C64 / Amiga games maybe aren't as sophisticated, but there was love in the craft. There is love in the process of making the game. Bedroom programmer lovemaking.

Is ‘raising the bar’ a good thing? Has it made everyone ‘product’ obsessed?

I am very cynical these days, I feel the only ways humans will survive the future (environmental problems) is through some kind of ‘mind evolution’ – not sure what form it will take, who is to say creativity isn’t part of that evolution?

I will do what I can creatively, with love and joy. But if the audience demands too much, I can’t do anything about that.

If the world gets hit by a meteor tomorrow, all we had was the process.

Cheers, Surian

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