June – December, 6 months: Notes

June – December, 6 months: Notes

Dear God,

I have put on weight these last months and it is making me mad.

I have been watching videos of guys losing weight, they managed to lose a lot in 6 months.

I know a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong thing, but it’s a bit daunting thinking that way. I want to be strict for 6 months at least and see how far I get.

I can study those mindfulness books too; get these two aspects of health back on track. It is a barrier affecting my art and I want to get past it.

I just want to feel good in a suit and tie. I want to treat myself to one if I succeed.

I have done enough artwork this year, so I should focus on my personal blocks to try and get to a higher level.

Love, Surian

Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (Official) ft. JAY Z