Art Gallery Notes / Alternate Eye Formations

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Art Gallery Notes: I visit the Edinburgh National Gallery a lot (it’s easy to get to and free). It has my favorite Gauguin’s there (Three Tahitians and Vision of the Sermon). I tend to skip a lot of paintings and go straight to the impressionist room - I know more impressionist / post impressionist / modern history.  I guess I can engage with it more. I find older works a bit ‘samey’ (maybe that's wrong).  Apart from Caravaggio, Goya and El Greco.

I like El Greco, I think it’s more loose, I like the cloth, feels impressionist before impressionism. Instead of dappled light, its dappled cloth. Maybe I’m wrong. Plus I like that the figures look elongated (a bit like Klimt or that old MTV Aeon Flux cartoon). ... Anyway, I’m no silver tongued art historian; I’m just trying to learn. I’ll still focus on learning more modern history, but El Greco has caught my eye.

There is a Lichtenstein exhibit on. I’ll try and see it today.

*I found this video explaining the relationship between Cezanne and El Greco after writing the note.

I like watching docs by Simon Schama, Andrew Graham-Dixon, Waldemar Januszczak, Alastair Sooke, Tim Marlow etc. I find it easier to digest than the books. Worth checking out if you haven’t.

Cheers, Surian