The Happy, Sad and Stuff In-Between / Fine Art Study Notes

The Happy, Sad and Stuff In-Between / Fine Art Study Notes

Health and daily living are more important ... brainstorming art study topics when I have time.

ssoosay: Digital Internet Fine Art

1. Photoshop Image Manipulation Mastery and Experimentation

1. Tablet Sketching Styles, Digital Painting and Photo Painting
2. Subject, Texture and Lighting Photography (Creating and Sourcing)
3. Poetry and Prose Titles
4. Art History, Inspiration, Music
5. Spiritual, Nature, Meditation and Mindfulness
6. Social Media Uploading, Editing, Maintaining, Creative Commons Screen-grabs
7. IT - Technical Setup, Maintenance and Upgrading (Occasionally)

1. Photoshop

1. Sketching
2. Photography
3. Writing
4. Inspiration
5. Meditation
6 Social Media
7. IT

Things I’d like to study in PHOTOSHOP:

-Photoshop brushes, painting and texturing, frequency separation
-layer styles, displacement, bump maps
-Lighting 3D in 2d images
-Blend mode mastery
-Lighting gels, lightning theory

...(VR, Oculus Rift, Samsung VR, Playstation VR) Virtual Reality art galleries might be a thing. Maybe should study Photoshop’s 3D features of 2D paintings, more into bump maps etc. hmmm...

Van Damme - Spiritual Training

Justice - DVNO (Official Video)