A really nice recommendation from Jorge Ramiro Pérez Suárez @jramiroperez @Crimyjust

A really nice recommendation from Jorge Ramiro Pérez Suárez @jramiroperez @Crimyjust

Crimyjust: cj-worldnews.com/spain/index.php/en/

Surian is an artist. One of a kind. A true visionary capable of envisaging the lecherous relationship between pop capitalism , cyberpunk, hypermodernity and cyborg identity. His art is vibrant and hypnotic, evocative in its capacity to forge a rapport with the viewer.

And that is the real talent; Surian is a gifted storyteller, his drawings are alive and narrative, they not only convey concepts and ideas but stories that can be tragic, playful and transcendent.

It must also be indicated that his use of creative Commons is commendable. Due to sharing and disseminating his art under the auspices of said licenses, he helps building a community and helps bloggers, nascent editorials, researchers, educators, etc. I have decided to use his illustrations for my academic book “We Are Cyborgs” in order to augment the impact of lyrical devices and they have blend perfectly, creating a tridimensional experience for the reader.

All in all, his work is provocative, clever, funny and resonates with my work on postmodern identities and the Human/Machine cultural interface. I highly recommend it.