ssoosay Stuff / Second-hand Upgrade Notes

ssoosay Stuff / Second-hand Upgrade Notes

I’ve been recently sorting out my equipment. Traded-in my SLR (only use compact cameras these days), lots of Styli I don’t use, Ipad mini and my Wacom Cintiq 12WX.

My favourite bit of kit was the Wacom Cintiq 12WX, but I wanted something more portable and higher resolution.
Colour, saturation, contrast, gama etc. looks a bit different on newer screens, I worried my artwork was looking too bright and saturated; it was the right time to upgrade. Will need to get used to the new setup. 7 years with the Cintiq 12WX, it was part of my journey so far. Used it more as a second monitor than a tablet. I should definitely do more sketching in the future.

Stupidly bought more second-hand DVDs, want to start taking screenshots and learn from them more. Will probably add screenshots to Facebook with my study notes: Study them so my illustration work can have a flavour of the things I love.

ssoosay Stuff = Study and Screenshots (Retro animation, sci-fi, horror and silent films)

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Anyway, stuff is just stuff, tools and equipment can help me but aren’t the main focus. DVDs can help educate and inspire, but they are other people’s work, not my own (fanboy is not a skill).

Will keep trying to make cool images (and GIFs now too) whatever the future holds.


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