ssoosay Stuff / Styli and Natural Media Sketching Notes (2017)

ssoosay Stuff / Styli and Natural Media Sketching Notes (2017)

I've got a lot of styli over the years, seeing which I liked and which natural media apps I felt most comfortable with. These are the Styli I’ve decided to keep.

I got rid of the Bluetooth ones and most of the IPad ones. My favorite by far (at the moment) is the Wacom Samsung S-pen for Android (super thin, light and convenient)

I still had 3 pens from my old Wacom 12wx, so I’ve ordered a Wacom Intuos 3 that should work with the pens and my new setup.

I still need to get used to the N-Trig Surface pen (I don’t like that it requires batteries and luckily it doesn’t need Bluetooth in order to function).

My favourite paint app out of all I have tried is ArtRage (available on all platforms and really intuitive). I will just stick with ArtRage and focus now on sketching and getting better, instead of the ‘techy’ stuff.

As well as making daily digital art, I should be doing some daily ‘ssoosay Sketches’, I want to improve my construction / forms for the human head and body (get better at a western retro animation style). I just need to get practicing!


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